Thesis 2.1 Responsive Blog Skin

Previously we launched Thesis Clever Skin for Thesis Theme 2.1 Thesis Business Skin for Thesis Theme 2.1 Thesis Responsive Genuine Skin for Thesis Theme 2.1 Thesis Responsive Magazine Skin for Thesis Theme 2.1 Thesis Responsive Business Skin for Thesis Theme 2.1 Thesis Responsive Business Skin 3 for Thesis Theme 2.1  Thesis Responsive Magazine Skin 2 for Thesis Theme 2.1 And  Thesis Responsive Magazine Skin 3 for Thesis Theme 2.1 Today we are going to launch Thesis Responsive Blog Skin for Thesis Theme 2.1 for Internet Marketers and bloggers In future we will launch more niche based Thesis 2.1 skins
Let’s see the features of Thesis Responsive Blog Skin

 Responsive Blog Skin

Features of Thesis Responsive Blog skin:

  • We are proud to offer our Thesis Responsive Blog skin and you are at the right place to buy it. You could not found such a Blog skin with more features.
  • The skins we have released before contains only two or three optin boxes. But here you can able to see many optin boxes which suits for your business purpose.
  • You have an optin box in the front page looks catchy. When peoples enter into your site it’s the eye catchy one to subscribe for updates.
  • You can see the same optin box with different styles at the bottom too.
  • Another three more optin box is used to see at the right side of the front page, single post page and at the squeeze page.
  • Two social media share buttons and seen at the top and bottom of the page.
  • Two advertisement sections are fixed at the top of the header and it called as main advertisement. Another one is at the right side column of the front page.

Advance Features of Thesis Blog Skin:

  • Three categories section with maximum 3 posts will be displayed at the bottom of the front page. You can add your own category name id there.
  • Totally 6 optin boxes at several pages.
  • You also have portfolio and testimonial page like business skins.

Templates: Front page template:

  • This is the front page of your skin.
  • This is actually a blog page with beautiful design.
  • Three optin boxes in this page.
  • Popular pages with more comments, comments list, archieves, categories, search box, tag clouds, recent posts are available at the right side bar of the page.
  • 2 social media share buttons also available.

Squeeze page template: Squeeze page with cute optin box and your own contents are available at this page template. Here you have two pages:

  • Squeeze page with header
  • Squeeze page without header

Landing Page: For a simple introduction to your business you can go for Landing Page. Here you have two Landing pages.

  • Landing Page with header
  • Landing Page without header

Portfolio Template: You can see a three column portfolio template. Testimonial Template: You can see a testimonial template here.

Live Demo

Download Thesis 2.1 Responsive Blog Skin

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