Which Hosting Type Is Best For WordPress?

Do you want to build an SEO friendly WordPress website that boosts your business? If yes, you have made the right decision because it is the SEO ready and SEO-friendly platform.

Now, you might be wondering which is the best hosting for WordPress site? or some may even like to know about how to choose the best hosting for their WordPress site.

If you too struggle in buying the best hosting for your WordPress site, then don’t worry, here in this post I’ll let you know about the type of hosting you should get for your online presence.

Along with that, I’ll provide some great hosting options which are best in 2019.

So, let’s quickly jump into the post!

How to Buy Best hosting For WordPress?

Firstly, the present day market is overloaded with lots of hosting options which are making us get confused about which to choose.

Now, I’ll compare some of the most commonly used hosting solutions so that you can find out which is suitable for your business.

In this, I want to touch the cloud and managed hosting solutions as these are widely used hosting services.

Although there are some hybrid solutions which are possible when these hosting packages don’t reach your needs.

Now, let’s check out the types of hosting and you may get the suitable one for your business site.

Dedicated or VPS Hosting

Dedicated or VPS hosting is one of the popular ways to host a website. In this process, one server is reserved for your site usage only. This means your service is located at your main office or business location or it could be offsite in some data center.

Anyways, this server belongs to you and yours alone in the dedicated hosting.

After knowing about the Dedicated hosting most of you might be interested to find out the cost of the business. Here the answer mainly depends on the following factors.

● The computing power you need.

● The total amount of bandwidth you need.

● Quantity of Secure data storage and backup you need and so on.

Usually, dedicated server supplies what you need and its charges for the resource you use. If you have an E-commerce site which has large scale business, then your perfect pick then your best option is dedicated or VPS server.


● Dedicated hosting provides exclusive use of all RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth.

● The business will have root access to the server so you can add any software and configure settings and the access points as well.

● Dedicated hosting is flexible, Scalable and very responsive hosting service.

● Security monitoring through data separation is easy in dedicated services

● It has no capital or upfront expense

Best Fit for:

Dedicated Hosting is a good option for companies running complex high traffic websites that require greater performance, control, and lots of customization functionalities. For staters and WordPress users, I don’t think dedicated hosting is useful unless they have an organization or running a large scale e-commerce site.

Choose the DomainRacer Web Hosting Service For Your Business

DomainRacer is the best platform to buy different kinds of hosting to fulfill your business requirements. Our best recommendation to buy their best WordPress hosting India hosting service, it is the most ideal choice for your website.

Their web hosting comes with high-quality features like free let encrypt SSL Certificate, unlimited SSD storage, and top security tools like Imunify360, Imunify AV+, Email Spam Protection, firewall, and many more.

DomainRacer one of the popular and cheapest options to offer web hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server, and VPS hosting. The Basic DomainRacer web hosting plan comes at $0.99/month with unmetered traffic, free SSL, CDN, and email.

Features offer by DomainRacer web hosting Service are

• 21x Faster LiteSpeed Cache Technology.
• One of the best latest features is HTTP/3 and QUIC
• Unlimited SSD Disk Space and Limitless bandwidth
• Free Let Encrypt SSL Certificate License.
• Reliable and Secure CloudLinux Based Resources
• Secured with ImunifyAV+ and Imunify360
• Free .in/.com domain with Advanced Plan
•n99.99% Uptime Guarantee and Weekly JetBackup Services
• 1 – Click Softaculous Script to install 450+ Application

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is quite similar to the dedicated hosting solution with some difference. Managed hosting usually uses a dedicated server in a remote location.

This means the servers are mainly available to your business. The vital difference of this hosting is resources and support are available to your site through a managed service provider.

In managed hosting, the customer usually has administrative access but most of the users rarely use this, instead of this they operate through a web-based interface.

By using managed hosting, users get the benefit of high performance and have top-notch security as well. You can have complete control over email stability and other factors.

Thus the managed hosting service is widely used by WordPress users. Although it costs slightly higher than shared hosting, it’s worth it.


● There is no need to hire a dedicated IT staff.

● No maintenance and no platform management.

● It has customizable configurations and solutions.

● You will have the support and help desk availability in managed hosting.

● Backups and Disaster Recovery are provided.

Best Fit for:

Managed web hosting is best for WordPress users who have less or medium traffic. You can run your site securely and efficiently with Managed web hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the best hosting options for WordPress users. This hosting generally does a great job in dispersing the resources between and across the multiple services.

In simple terms, you don’t need to worry about hardware dependencies, load spikes, and downtime when you use cloud hosting.

By using cloud hosting users can give a boost to their website load speed as cloud offers blazing speed. As the heavy lifting is spread across the cluster of servers they work together to make your site loads in seconds.

Cloud hosting has massive popularity in recent years, for a good reason. Most of the WordPress users are presently hosting their sites on cloud hosting due to its flexibility, scalability and blazing performance.


● Cloud hosting is a cost-effective service – because you pay for the service you have used.

● It’s scalable mainly because bandwidth and hardware can be adjusted according to align with your use or needs.

● Very Easy to Scale Server Resources

● Redundant Server Environment

● High Uptime and Availability

● Speedy Server Setup Process

● Safety From Server Hardware Issues

● Faster Website Speed and Performance

● Works Great for Sites With Scalable Traffic

● Simple Server Management Dashboard

● Decrease Your Overall Environmental Impact

Best fit for:

Thus far, I feel that cloud hosting is the best option for all those who strive to need access to the powerful resources on a smaller budget.

Whether you are getting small traffic or higher traffic you can always trust cloud hosting. Mainly because of its flexibility and blazing speed.

Get Cloudways For Your Online Business (Managed + Cloud Hosting)

If you are looking for a high-performing hosting service for your dedicated online business that takes it to a new height, then your choice should be Cloudways managed cloud hosting.

Yes, we are using this service for the past couple of years and its reliable performance us just awesome. We are completely satisfied with its speed and uptime that help to earn high rankings in the search engines.

You should be aware of its exceptional features like

• Superfast SSD based, PHP 7 ready server for ultra speed loading speed
• Affordable CDN that can easily be integrated to your server
• Exceptional yet knowledgeable customer support.

Ending Thoughts

If you are a dedicated blogger or serious business, then you should not go with the shared hosting type as you are sharing the server space with others and it will let your site down at times.

I feel these types of hosting are the best. If you are confusing while choosing the best hosting for WordPress, then I would suggest you go with either managed or cloud hosting to perform better and reap the search engine ranking benefits.

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