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In this hyper-competitive world, every business wants to capture more targeted leads from their main landing page. 

Not only businesses but all the savvy inbound marketers and bloggers strive to do all the hard work in designing their landing page mainly to reach the targeted leads and make them take action.

If you are one of them who is struggling to find out how savvy inbound marketers create a landing page, then this post will help you out.

Here I’m going to show you all the best landing page plugins for WordPress that are being used by digital marketing and blogging enthusiasts.

For the ones who are new to the term – Landing Page, I’m starting with the basic details, so that you can get a stunning landing page for WordPress business site. Let’s dive into the topic,

Landing Page Definition

In terms of marketing, a landing page is a standalone page, which is distinct from the homepage or other pages that serve with a single focused point.

In general terms, the Landing page is any webpage on which customer lands on. This page may contain the special message, exclusive deals, exciting offers or anything for your readers.

You may make use of this special page and nudge your audience take action on a specific thing. If you offer a true value, then they will respond to your CTA for sure.

Don’t get confused it with the Squeeze page! I have already written the differences between the landing page and Squeeze page so that you will get a clear idea about both the pages.

Importance Of Landing Page

If you are struggling to capture more targeted leads, then you should have an awesome landing page. It helps you to grab more leads and help your business grow higher.

Usually, the landing page is an awesome way to drive a hell of traffic, you can improve your SEO and build your brand reputation with landing pages.

These days, 68% of B2B businesses are using landing pages to generate leads for future conversion.

So, landing pages are vital for any business. Landing pages leads your customers to a specific product or offer and encourage them to take proper action.

This is a great opportunity to create conversions and build a customer base for your business. Still if you are not convinced with using landing pages.

Then check out these important reasons why business need landing pages

Generate Massive Leads

With landing pages, you can easily generate leads without lots of stress. Most of the business often driving their social & Email traffics to their homepage so they often don’t get leads. If you want leads, then ensure you drive your traffic to the well-designed landing page you can automatically get leads.

Display Your Exclusive Offers

Usually, marketing offers and landing pages always go hand in hand. You can use landing pages to give your exclusive offers for your customer to grab their valuable information.

Collects Demographic information

Whenever your lead completes a conversion form on the landing page, your marketing team is collection priceless information about the leads.

Landing page track Data

In landing pages, the data can be tracked, and this can help business understand how engaged your leads are? and get a proper idea about them. You can find out the prospect has signed up for several webinars or purchased lots of products etc. Moreover, you can track and deep analyze the landing page to understand how your offers are performing.

Remove Distractions & Offer clarity

Landing page often removes distractions mainly because it inspires specific consumer actions. This page removes other distractions like links, map, navigation, and other aspects and offers clarity on the page. This page makes it clear that you want them to do some activities such as signup, buy the product, download or contact you, etc. So, it’s only helpful to convert the user into the lead.

Along with the above benefits it also encourages and forces your visitors to take action. Moreover, you can test and optimize your landing page results as well.

So, this all about the benefits of a landing page. Now, most of you might be wondering how to create a landing page.

Its time to check out the list of best landing page plugins for WordPress.

Before going into the list let’s take a quick look at why use a landing page plugin for WordPress!

Why Use Landing Page Plugin For WordPress?

We’ve already learned about the importance of landing page. So, to improve our business we have to use landing pages.

Most of the bloggers and digital marketers are not tech-savvy, and they always hesitate to write & edit the codes. So, they can make use of the simple plugins to get the job done quickly without touching the coding part.

These well-known landing plugins come with several templates that are ready to use. It’s easy drag and drop options always make users comfortable with designing their own landing page from scratch.

5 Excellent Landing Page Plugins For WordPress


Thrive Architect

Most of you might be familiar with thrive themes, because it is a popular site which provides premium themes and plugins.

The thrive architect came from the Thrive family. It is a popular landing page plugin which has visual editor and page builder for WordPress.

Its main advantage is its user-friendly interface and easy process of creating landing pages. This landing page making tool for WordPress has over 200 templates that are properly optimized to improve conversions.

You can get a single site licence, or 5 licence pack or all access to themes and plugins through Thrive Membership


If you are looking for easy to use WordPress landing page plugin? Then elementor is one of the best options. Mainly because it’s super fast and has several ready to use templates which can be used for different category of business.

The user interface of this landing page maker for WordPress is blazingly fast with the live editor. So, you can arrange the page into different sections as you like. You can add all types of modules such as images, headings, buttons, sliders and more.

You can even build a site from scratch with this elementor’s basic template. This offers different unique designs and layouts to help you out in page creation.

The Elementor landing page builder has 3 pricing plans for 1 site, 3 sites, and 100 sites and offering support & updates for 1 year.


OptimizePress is yet another robust WordPress landing page plugin. This special plugin comes with hell lot of WordPress themes and well as a plugin which allows you to use it with other themes as well.

Generally, there are 30+ ready to use templates in this Optimizepress. Each of these is highly designed for higher conversions.

This comes with a special design tool to edit landing page templates hassle free. This seamlessly connects with the major email marketing services and other premium WordPress membership plugins. So, this makes Optimizepress the best solution for creating landing pages.

OptimizePress also has 3 pricing plans 3 sites, 10 sites and 30 sites with 1 year of support and updates.


Leadpages is well-know landing page creator for WordPress that has some excellent features. With Leadpages, you can create beautiful landing pages within no time. 

It is one of the best landing page plugins for WordPress that comes with dozens of stunning templates which are highly optimized for conversions.

Yes, this landing page builder easily integrates with third-party tools and Email marketing services as well. Its drag and drop builder is pretty simple to handle.

So, you can just drag and drop the widgets or other elements you love into your landing pages such as images, text, call to action button, forms, and more.

Leadpages has 3 different pricing plans, Standard, Pro and Advanced. You will get free trial and if you just have only 1 site, you will get a cheap plan.


Clickfunnels is a lovely tool that enables people to grow their business through sales funnels. With click funnel, you can quickly create beautiful sales funnels which convert your visitors into leads and then into your customer.

Click funnel gives everything you need to create a stellar sales funnel which generates a hell lot of leads. This builder is having a simple drag and drop web page editor which is used to create a sales funnel page.

It also has a smart shopping art with 1 click upsells and more temples which are highly optimized to grab leads. Along with these you can integrate with email services and facebook as well.

Its dashboard is user-friendly, so you can keep everything organized in one dashboard itself.

Ultimate Landing Page

I often come across a query “How do I create a Free Landing Page for WordPress”. Well, I have a good recommendation!

So, if you are looking for a free WordPress landing page tool that has some great features, then ultimate landing page can help you out. This plugin lets you create stunning and high converting landing pages in just minutes without touching the single line of code.

It has landing page templates that are optimized perfectly to increase your conversion. These designs can perform well and easily integrated with the forms and email marketing services as well.

It supports google fonts and has lots of customization options as well. As it is free of cost, you can simply try out this best landing page plugin for WordPress.

Wrapping Up The WordPress Landing Page Tools

Creating a Landing page for your WordPress is an excellent move since it will be specifically made to boost the sales and increase the business conversions.

Through this post, I hope you understand why use a landing page builder and which one to use. Also, you got the solution for the most common query – how to create a landing page in WordPress for free.

Right now, I use Thrive Architect and Elementor tools to make the landing page for my blogs and clients’ sites. Both have excellent features in creating awesome landing page designs for WordPress and are worth buying.

Now, it’s your turn to speak!

You tell, Which highly converting WordPress landing page plugin would you like to buy? Do you have any better suggestions? If yes, share them in the comment section, let discuss the best landing page plugins for WordPress.

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