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WordPress is the best CMS to build business sites. However, finding the best translation plugin for your website is a tough job.

WPML is the right choice, but it cannot be afforded by everyone. So, what’s the solution? Which are the best free WPML alternatives?

5 Amazing WordPress Translation Plugins For WPML

In this article, we will be comparing 5 different types of WordPress translation Plugin, you can select the one which suits your preferences and your website.

1. Weglot 

This plugin is specifically created for WordPress site owners, allowing the website to translate their content into different languages without any hassle. 

It’s one of the best alternatives to WPML and even beats it to some extent. Weglot’s dashboard is beginner-friendly as it is very easy to manage and use.

Exciting Features of Weglot

  • Weglot is compatible with every WordPress theme and plugins.
  • Up to 2000 words can be translated using the free version of Weglot and Upto 1,000,000 words using their Advanced plan.
  • Basic access is provided to its free users and Premium support is available for its premium plans.
  • Only 1 website can be translated under the free plan and it goes up to 10 websites under the Advanced plan.
  • You can Import or Export translated files in the Advanced premium plan.
  • The free plan can translate the content into 1 different language whereas the Advanced plan can translate content into 10 different languages.
  • It has an option to redirect visitors based on their native languages, i.e. If a French user visits your website it will directly show the translated content.
  • Access to pro translators is only available for premium users of Weglot and so on.

Weglot is one of the best translation plugins out there in the market, currently has around 40000+ active users. Weglot also provides an option for a 10-days free trial to verify its amazing features.

2. TranslatePress

TranslatePress has around 1,30,000 active customers because of its distinguishable features. TranslatePress allows you to transform posts and pages from the frontend of your website, with a real-time preview mode.

TranslatePress can help you to translate everything on your website without changing the interface.

Amazing Features of TranslatePress

  • TranslatePress can translate the entire page at once including the dynamic strings added by WordPress themes and plugins.
  • It supports image translation, automated by Google Translate and DeepL that can quickly translate any content, and let you adjust the content that’s not perfect.
  • Supports WooCommerce and all the types of themes and site builders.
  • It has Customizable Language Switcher which includes a floating drop-down menu on every page.
  • A quick customer support system to help you with any queries.

It has tons of features in its premium plan as well, which includes an SEO pack for better rankings of your website, Multiple languages to cater to all the different visitors on your website, Automatic Language changer which shows the translated content by checking the region of IP and many more.

3. Polylang 

Polylang is famous for its ability to easily create a multi-language WordPress website. It supports both manual and automated translations, and can also integrate a hand-typed translation for the best professional experience.

Key features Of Polylang

  • Polylang supports an unlimited number of Languages for your convenience, that are automatically downloaded and updated.
  • It translates everything – from Menus to widgets. Polylang even helps create different menus per language to cater to all the language demands.
  • It provides a language switcher which can be also added to your menu, or in a widget.
  • This WordPress plugin is SEO friendly, compatible with all major SEO WordPress plugin including Yoast SEO, All in one SEO, etc.
  • Polylang doesn’t hamper performance as it doesn’t use any extra database tables and compatibility with all major Cache plugins.

It is one of the best free Alternative for WPML, Polylang also has amazing Premium plans which offers Premium support, Translate slugs in URL, REST API support, an option to disable or enable plugins, and so on.

4. Loco Translate 

Loco Translate is one of the most popular translation plugin with around 500,000 Active installations. It provides in-browser editing of WordPress content and also has integration support with various automatic translation services.

Great Features Of Loco Translate

  • It supports integration with different translation APIs including DeepL, Google, Microsoft, and Yandex.
  • It provides an in-built translation editor within WordPress admin.
  • New translations can be created for your theme or plugin and you can update the old one.
  • Loco Translate can help you extract all the translatable strings from your source code.
  • It supports many keyboard shortcuts for quick and effective work and so on.

Loco translates free plan helps to translate content up to 2000 words a month, They also offer a different variety of Premium plans which goes up to Agency plan which offers a translation of 125,000 words with premium support and unlimited languages.

5. Gtranslate 

Gtranslate is powered by Google to translate to provide hassle-free translations. Gtranslate helps to translate content into 103 different languages. It also provides the website owner option to correct the automated translation which helps in increasing the content quality.

Best Features Of Gtranslate

  • Provides Google automated translation to your WordPress website.
  • Gtranslate helps in Search engine Indexing, helps to organically gain traffic using the search engine.
  • Gtranslate is search engine friendly, you will have a separate URL for every translated language to gain an edge over your competitor.
  • Provides separate domain for each language.
  • Automatic seamless updates to enjoy the latest benefits and features.
  • Includes URL translation, which converts all the posts URL to be translated into a needed language which is very important For multilingual SEO and so on.

Moreover, Gtranslate is one of the best alternatives to WPML and it also offers a 15-day risk-free trial. The best thing about gtranslate is it offers unlimited words and pageviews in all of its plans.

Wrapping Up

We have reviewed all the different alternatives to WPML and found out that Weglot offers the best price to performance ratio with amazing features and premium support. Check Weglot Plugin Now.


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