Why & How To Change WordPress Login URL?

How to change WordPress login URL? Why changing the WordPress login URL and list some good plugins to do it. Let’s see everything in this post. In this digital world, we often hear words from others that their site has been hacked.

It is a painful thing for the website owners because their site will be down. Even after doing all the hard work on their site if their site gets hacked means it’s simply a disastrous feeling for any webpreneur.

Now, if you are struggling to make your WordPress site hack proof means you have to be smart. In general, the most common ways to hack a WordPress site is through the brute force attack.

In this type of attack, the hacker will try to attempt various combinations of usernames and passwords to get into your WordPress site.

Now, as a site owner, we have to be hard in stopping hackers. Most of the site owners commonly use their WordPress admin panel URL “wp-admin”. So, any hacker can easily get started with their hacking.

But when you change your URL, then you might have a chance to stop the hacker as he/she doesn’t know your admin panel URL. That’s the reason why you have to modify your WordPress URL.

Let’s dive deeper to know more about it.

Generally, the WordPress default login URL is ” site/wp-login.php” in some cases, you can type “site/wp-admin/” then it will get redirected to the admin panel.

So, here are the three main causes to hide the WordPress default URL.

Three Main Reasons To Change The WordPress Default URL


#1. To make things harder for hackers and to secure your site. When you use the same old login URL then the intruders will find it easy to execute their attack but when you change the URL they will find it harder to execute.

#2. Once the cyberpunks got access to the login URL. They will have access to the username as well. I’m saying it because most of the sites have default username option. So, as a bonus, they may take that and just continue to guess your password.

#3. If you use a strong password and use a password manager to log in, then you can safeguard your website because the hacker will be unaware of the password manager and try to use his resources to crack the password.

Although using a password manager is important but it’s far more important to hide your WordPress login URL.

Now, most of you might be wondering how to change the WordPress login URL. In that case, don’t be scared I’ll let you know how you can alter login URL in WordPress.

How To Change The WordPress Login URL?

To change the WordPress login URL you can use quite a lot of WordPress plugins. And, in this post, I’m going to use WPS Hide Login plugin.

This is a cool plugin that has some good features. You can quickly install this plugin by searching for “WPS Hide Login” in your WordPress dashboard or even in wordpress.com.

● First of all, you have to install and activate the plugin.

● To do that go to the settings tab and scroll down to the bottom and click on “WPS Hide Login” Plugin to configure.

Modify The WordPress Admin URL

Now, you can keep anything in the black space and that will be your new login URL.




You can use anything you like on that URL. In case if you are the only person handling your site, then you can use unusual words as “sesfadaergasdef” and save this as unique login URL. You can keep it as bookmarks to make yourself comfortable.

The main intention to hide your login URL is to make hackers hard to guess and discover your page. So, in this way you can improve your WordPress security. This plugin doesn’t rename or change your files in the core. So, you don’t have to worry about it.

In case if your primary aim was to modify your WordPress login URL for better branding means you can use below ways.

Usually, there are a few plugins which let you to quickly rename your WordPress login, password, register and logout URLs.

In that case, you can use an iThemes security plugin. This is one of the most popular plugins which is used by multi-author blog. It’s helpful for multiple users who often log in to their WordPress account.

The iThemes plugin offers more features then customizing URL for WordPress registration & login page.

Now, if you want to use that plugin you have to install it and activate it by going to the settings – permalink and then configure the plugin.

Popular Plugins To Change the WordPress URL

So, you came to know how to change the Login WordPress URL and why to alter it. Now, let’s check out the popular WordPress plugins to modify the login URL.

1. WPS Hide Login

The WPS hide login is one of the popular WordPress plugins which is used for changing the login URL.

This is one of the lightweight plugins which is available for free. That’s the reason why I have used the same plugin to let you know how to change the WordPress URL.

This change WordPress login URL plugin has a decent rating in the WordPress plugins platform and also has regular updates. So, it’s best to use this plugin to tighten your security.

2. Better WP Security (iThemes Security)

Better WP security is another WordPress plugin which helps you to quickly change your WordPress login URL. This special tool can do a lot more than just changing the login URL.

Better WP security is now called as the iThemes security and this special WordPress tool does offer a lot of customization options.

If you are striving to challenge hackers by safeguarding your site then you have to check out this special tool.

This tool has additional security through obscurity options and can even rename the default admin username as well. It also removes login error messages and logs 404 errors and quickly changes the files as well.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t give your site access to the cyber threats through the default WordPress login URL ends with wp-admin.

Modify the WordPress admin URL to secure your WordPress site and keep hackers at bay!

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