What Is The Difference Between Squeeze Page & Landing Page? Which Is The Best?


In this modern world, you can find out quite a lot of  “terms” or words which are used specifically in the industries.

They often use those words to make it easier for them to communicate with others in the same industry. 

As a digital marketer, we are guilty as any because we often create new terms around, and our clients will be wondering about those words. Usually, they really don’t have a clue! 

Right now, we are talking about the two words in this Digital world. There are “Landing Page” and “Squeeze Page”.

Most of the upcoming internet marketers often stuck with these terms like a squeeze page, landing page and so on. That’s why I decide to break those shackles in this post.

Generally, If you’re familiar with the landing page then you might know about the squeeze page as well. 

If at all you don’t know about the landing page and squeeze page means? don’t worry, you will learn about them in this special post.

You’ll learn about the what is landing page and squeeze page. Along with that, you can also learn about the difference between them and which one you have to choose as well.

What Is A Landing Page?

The landing page is a common term in this digital marketing world. A landing page is a standard web page which is created specifically for marketing purposes or for advertising campaigns. 

This is the page where a visitor ” lands” on when they click on ads or any other links. Generally, these types of landing pages are designed with CTA which means Call to Action.

The simplicity of the page makes it the best option for increasing the conversion rates of Google Ads and lower your cost per sale.

Now, you got an idea about the landing page. So, let’s get into the squeeze page. then we can check the difference between them.

What Is Squeeze Page?

The squeeze page is a specific landing page which is crafted to capture opt-in email addresses from the potential subscribers. This is the one and only goal of the squeeze page. The main motto of the squeeze page is to convince and squeeze users to let them fill their Email Address.

That’s it.

Now, you might be wondering how the landing is different from the Squeeze page. Right?

Let’s explore that topic as well.

How Landing Pages Are Different From Squeeze Pages?

As mentioned above, landing pages are just single a webpage which is focused on one main goal that is to convert the users.

This landing page goal can be anything such as Download an Ebook, Register for your services, Sign up for a free trial and more. 

While coming to the Squeeze pages there are a bit different and they have only one primary goal.

That is to collect client name & email address. Except this, there is no other goal in the Squeeze pages.  This is the main difference between the landing page and squeeze page.

Usually, there is a saying that all squeeze pages are landing pages, but not all landing pages are squeeze pages.

I’m saying this because squeeze pages are straight to the point such as Enter your email address. Whereas Landing page is quite different, you can see lots of goals in that page and it is a page which is filled with CTAs as well.

Squeeze Page vs Landing Page Examples

Generally, it’s always best to know about the difference between a landing page and Squeeze page with examples so that you can quickly find out which one is Squeeze page and which one is landing page.

So, let’s look at a quick example of a Squeeze page and landing page.

Here is a Squeeze Page Example


Let’s take a look at what that means:

Here’s a squeeze page example from Neil Patel:

The squeeze page from Neil Patel offers an SEO Cheat Sheet and in exchange for he grabbed the email address. Neil’s objective is to grab the email address from the users. That’s it.

He is also having no other content on the squeeze page and it attracts the users as well. Neil didn’t distract the users with extra hyperlinks and so on. That’s why it’s so effective.

What makes this Neil’s squeeze page so effective?

It’s short & crisper.

he has only one call-to-action (CTA) button.

Now, let’s get into the landing page

Ex: Uber

Take a look at the uber landing page. It’s great and has everything needed.


What they did great?

● The headline of uber communicates a clear benefit.

● Its short form makes converting on uber landing page easily.

If you are keen to learn more about the difference between the landing page and squeeze page then check out these helpful points.

Landing Page

● Multiple Conversion Goals

● Long or short format

● Multiple form fields

● Used as a Standalone web page

● Followed by thank you page or welcome page

Squeeze Page

● Single Conversion goal

● Short format

● Minimal form fields

● Not necessary to be a standalone page

● Followed by a thank you/ welcome message

How To Grab Subscribers With Squeeze Page?

Squeeze pages are the best way to grab some subscribers. You can increase your subscribers count just by offering something to your customers.

Usually, you can offer different things to increase your products such as ebooks, cheatbooks, video courses and so on.

Here are some common things you can share with your audiences to grab subscribers.

● Ebooks on your niche.

● Video Training.

● Ecourse.

● PDF Guides, checklists and more

● Templates and themes.

If you really want to grab the email ids you can even offer some discounts on your services and more. By doing these things you can definitely increase your subscribers count. 

Wrapping Up

This is all about the difference between the squeeze page and landing page. Hope you all know the difference between them.

Now, try to build up your own squeeze page to grab subscribers. If you are striving to get the email addresses then you can just make use of Squeeze pages.

In case, if you are targeting for conversions then you have to build a perfect landing page.

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