4 Best Free FTP Clients For WordPress


In this tech-centric world, there are always a handful of chances that at some point you have to manage a WordPress site manually.

Whether you’re a blogger or web developer you’ll have to figure out your site files after a crash. So, that possible time FTP comes handy.

Most of you might have an idea about the FTP, if not, don’t worry, I’m going to let you know about what is FTP and the best free FTP clients for WordPress to download in 2020.

So, let’s get into the details of what is FTP.

What Is FTP?

File transfer protocol (FTP) often allows you to simply upload your files from your computer to your WordPress site.

In easy terms, FTP clients are just meant to give you a clear view of the file structure and content of web hosting setup.

This also allows you to transfer files from computer to WordPress site and from WordPress site to the computer.

To use FTP, one should need an FTP Client which is nothing but the desktop app which often connects to your computer to the WordPress web hosting account.

This FTP provides an easy interface with some useful graphics so that you can perform all FTP client functions such as upload, copy, delete, edit, rename the folders on your WordPress site seamlessly.

Although it’s not necessary to install an FTP client to use on the WordPress site. But, an FTP client can help bloggers and web developers to quickly fix common WordPress errors with ease.

It also helps you to resolve issues when you are not able to access the WordPress admin panel.

This is all about the FTP (File Transfer Protocol). In today’s market, you can see quite a few best FTP Clients for WordPress users.

So, in this post, we will have a look at those best free FTP clients for WordPress.

Top FTP Free Download For WordPress

Usually, there are several paid and free FTP Clients available in the market. Each of those has a different interface and different features.

So, it’s hard to find the best FTP client if you are new to the FTP. That’s why this list will help you out in finding the best free FTP clients for WordPress.

#1. FileZilla

FileZilla is one of the popular free FTP clients for Windows, Linux and Mac Platforms. It’s thus far the easiest and most recognizable FTP Client in the FTP market.

This works great on platforms and its user interface is absolutely simple. It allows users to transfer files which are larger than 4GB.

Filezilla is an open-source project which often receives regular updates. So, its best option for developers who are on a budget. This special FTP Client also provides great support while compared to the other FTP Clients.

It has a splendid forum where you can get your questions answered in a few mins.

So, these are a few reasons why we have listed this great tool in the first place. This free FTP Supports all the best-operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


● Filezilla is having an easy to use interface.
● It supports FTP, SSH File transfer protocol and FTP Over SSL/TLS (FTPS)
● This FTP is available in many languages and supports resume and transfer of large files which are greater than 4GB.
● Supports Drag & Drop features.
● Has configurable transfer speed limits with IPv6 Support.
● It has filename filters, directory comparison, and network configuration wizards as well.
● You can search file remotely with its remote file search.
● Powerful site manager and transfer queue help you to manage and transfer files with ease.
● Network configuration wizard helps you.

Why Pick Filezilla?

The main advantages of Filezilla are, it’s easy to upload, download and manage files and folders. Even a non-techie can do this work with ease on this user-friendly tool. Apart from that its security solutions often encrypt and protect your data while you are connecting to the server. So, its the key point to using FileZilla.

#2. Cyberduck

Cyberduck is an incredible FTP client for WordPress users. It’s seamlessly easy to use FTP Client thus its perfect fit for beginners and advanced users as well.

This FTP Client is available for both Windows and Mac Computers. Unlike other applications, it can actually integrate beautifully with the Mac Environment.

This special tool can support special features of Mac like locating files, storing your logging details in the keychain and so on.

This tool has a modern interface which often helps beginners to access critical areas freely.

The standout feature in Cyberduck is it connects to all kinds of servers that includes, Google Drive, FTP, Amazon S3 and more. This also integrates easily with the content delivery network as well.

Cyberduck is a free FTP provider and it works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. This supports all the services such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, One Drive, Google Drive and more.


● All the file and directory names are encrypted with the filename encryption feature.
● In cyberduck every file gets individually encrypted so you will find no issue.
● Its secure and trustworthy open source software with no registration or account required.
● Easily edit any type of file with your preferred editor.
● It can be easily integrated with system technologies.
● Cyberduck is available in multiple languages and has Advanced SSH functionalities as well.
● It’s also having convenient system tray notifications.
● Client-Side Encryption to quickly secure all data which is being passed from local site to cloud.
● Bookmarking option to start off from where you left.

Why Pick Cyberduck?

Cyberduck makes editing files easy and it can be seamlessly integrated with an external editor. This makes its perfect FTP for lots of techies. Along with that it also effectively integrates with finder, Keychain, Bonjour and other notification center technologies. So, it has a special name for its reliable features.

#3. WinSCP

WinSCP is one of the powerful tools which is easy to use. Unlike other tools, this tool only sticks to a single platform that is windows.

It generally gives us a feeling that there are too many things on the user interface but it’s actually very easy to learn this FTP Client.

In this tool, you will find your computer files on your left and files on your server on right. So, just click on a file to upload, edit or download it.

If you are an advanced user, then you can enjoy wide ranges of FTP features in this powerful tool. This supports SSH, SFTP and more. You can handle files and also assign it to the default editors on your PC.

Most of the users love this FTP Client mainly because of its development resources and interface.

Beginners might find it overwhelmed at the start but you’ll find it easy once you get to know it. This FTP client works with Windows operating system only.


● This tool is a little tricky to use for beginners but it’s a great tool for advanced users.
● WinSCP has command Line Interface & Scripting and task automation.
● It allows fast transfer of files and encrypts all files to secure all the data on the server.
● It integrates splendidly with all windows applications.
● Timestamp conversations & Directory Caching are other key features.
● Supports dozens of other languages for global access.

Why Pick WinSCP?

WinSCP has some great features such as Command-line interface, scripting and task automation, and more value-added features. The file transfer through different aspects is possible with WinSCP such as FTP, WebDAV, FTPS, SFTP and more.

#4. Transmit

Transmit is another popular FTP Client mainly for Mac. It’s popular among the web developers and it comes with powerful features which helps you perform tasks like Disk feature, higher speeds, folder syncing and so on.

This is an awesome tool which integrates seamlessly into the native Mac environment. It also makes it super easy for users to learn quickly with its graphical interface.

Although its great tool it is having some premium features. You can add your own shortcuts to the finder and quickly access them as well.

This supports SSH, SFTP, FTP, and more connections. This comes with neat code editor so that you can edit your files hassle-free. Transmit is only for Mac users and its not available for Windows users.


● Transmit connects you to 11 new cloud services such as Back blaze B2, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure and more.
● Easy to use with a graphical interface.
● The batch rename tool is one of the helpful tools which lets users identify information from files while there are browsing.
● Jump to your favourite file with the help of place bar.
● It’s a special dual-pane view which locates files faster.
● You can manage or generate unique keys without leaving the transmit file.

Why Pick Transmit?

Transmit offers key features like other FTP clients for Mac users. But the best part of transmit is its two-factor authentication login. Yes, indeed it’s a crucial one because everything depends on the security. The other best thing I love in this tool is its easy drag and drop feature lets you to copy and paste things seamlessly.

Wrapping Up

With the help of an FTP program, file managing becomes easier for WordPress users. You may need this application when you move your site from one hosting to another.

Sometimes, you may have to work with the directory of files for several tasks like copy, rename, delete or edit and FTP comes handy here!

These are the 4 best free FTP Clients for WordPress you should try out in 2020. Along with these FTP programs, you can also try out FreeFTP, CuteFTP, and WS_FTP Professional as well.

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