Best Free VPS Hosting Companies Of 2020


Are you eager to get the best lifetime free VPS hosting server which comes with Linux or Windows operating system, and provides unlimited data space, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, unlimited monthly traffic and more for free?

Then you’re living in a dream because there is no such VPS hosting provider which can provide you with everything for free for a lifetime.

VPS hosting always required a significant amount of money to build good working infrastructure and private servers.

This process often requires a hell lot of money so one is for sure you can’t get lifetime free unlimited VPS server hosting for your site.

However, you can get free VPS for some time such as months, years and sometimes even more. But coming VPS hosting lifetime, it will not happen. If that happens means you are the luckiest person.

Now, most of you might be wondering what is VPS? Right.

In that case, let’s check out what is VPS hosting.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private server hosting. This is one of the best hosting options for a business who love to have their own space.

To explain VPS hosting in detail, you have to know about the two other hosting options. those two hosting options are Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Most of you might already know about the shared hosting option. In this type of hosting all the resources such as space, hosting and bandwidth all are shared.

Whereas in dedicated server hosting, you will have a dedicated resource on the physical server. you can do lots of customizations with that server.

Now, coming to the VPS it’s the combination of both shared and dedicated hosting platforms.

In Virtual Private Server hosting, the main physical server is divided into multiple partitions. And one will have their own private space in the physical server.

No other person on the physical server will share the resources with you as you will have your own space and you can customize your own space with a wide range of customization options.

In general, VPS hosting is the best and affordable hosting option then the dedicated hosting.

Let’s check out the best free VPS hosting you can get in this modern world.

9 VPS Hosting Companies Available For Free


Usually, there are lots of web hosting companies which provides free hosting for a limited period of time. Although most of the business claim that they offer server for a lifetime but they will not offer VPS Hosting for a lifetime.

It’s literally the fake news, never believe in that offer because when you signed up for the offer you might forcibly end up in buying the premium service.

In this post, we have listed out a few trusted hosting options. So, you can get free VPS server hosting for a limited period of time but you can get quality hosting. Let’s get into the list of best free VPS hosting providers.

#1. VPSwala

If you are looking for free cloud VPS hosting services? Then VPS WALA is your best option. This web hosting company was formed in 2013 and hosts thousands of website online. VPSWALA is having around 15 datacenter locations across the world so it’s fast and reliable hosting service.

Anyone can enroll for this free cloud version and it’s having instant activation option as well. Apart from this, you can also get 24/7 technical support for your free plan as well. That’s what makes this VPSWala cloud VPS hosting as a special hosting.


● VPSWALA provides 1-year free cloud VPS hosting for Windows and Linux operating systems.
● It offers 2GB RAM & 100GB bandwidth for free hosting.
● DDOS Protection with 1GBPS uplink and Free Email Addresses.
● You will have 24/7 technical support and developer-friendly tools

#2. DomainRacer (Cheapest Cost VPS Hosting)

DomainRacer is the best and cheap web hosting company on the market today. It is your best option to get a very affordable VPS hosting server to deliver high-speed connectivity, security, and solid infrastructure.

This web hosting is founded in 2012 and hosts lots of high-speed sites online. DomainRacer is well-known for its cheap VPS hosting plans and offers everything you require to control your server.

DomainRacer hosting plans come with weekly exclusive backup options, Imunify protection, great support, and top tier server in countries like India, UK, USA, France, Germany, and Singapore.

It is the best platform for virtual servers and is an ideal option for resource-hungry sites. Instead of getting the free VPS hosting, I would highly recommend this low-cost hosting to perform better.


• DomainRacer offers 20GB SSD to 80GB SSD with 8TB bandwidth
• VPS configuration of 1 CPU and 2048 MB RAM up to 2 CPU and 8192 MB RAM
• Ultimate SSD Storage with Cloud-Based Platform
• Powerful Hardware Core Solution
• You will get 24/7 technical support via email, chat, call, and ticket
• Top tier always monitoring server support and DDOS Protection
• It offers top security tools – ImunifyAV+, Imunify360, firewall and many more

#3. AccuWebhosting (Top Free VPS Hosting)

If you are striving to get the real look of premium VPS hosting for free?

Then you can have a look at the Accuwebhosting for free. Although it’s not free for 6months or 1 year, it’s free for 1 month. You can get all the premium plan features for free and it’s seamlessly easy to enrol to the free VPS hosting.

After your trial completed, you’ll be charged $14.97 per month but don’t worry you can cancel this hosting after one month if you don’t want to continue using it. This special plan has every feature on it and lots of technologies and software are integrated on it.


● Accuwebhosting provides 35GB Disk Space with 500GB Bandwidth.
● Apart from that it also provides 1GB Dedicated RAM and 1 IP address.
● It allows you with 2 virtual CPU Allocations with weekly backups.
● Unlimited SQL Server database with mail-enable mail server.
● You can choose the choice of OS Windows 2008/ 2012.

#4. Alavps

Do you want to use a free and fast VPS hosting for your website? Then try out the Alavps this free VPS server hosting provider which is powered by the latest Intel Hardware.

This Alavps is having lots of powerful features that helps you load your site faster than your competitor’s site.

This special hosting pack has weekly remote backup options, DDOS protection and supports both Windows and Linux operating systems as well.

In the free VPS server Windows hosting plan you will give 1GB Ram with 100 GB SSD cloud storage option as well. While logging into the free account company will not take any payment information.


● You will get 1GB RAM with 25-100GB SSD Storage option.
● 24/7 technical support is available for free plans.
● 1000 Mbps network out and 40GBS Network In option.
● It provides both Windows and Linux VPS Hosting.

#5. Baehost

Baehost is one of the best free VPS hosting options which you will get in recent times. This company provides cloud VPS web hosting for free.

It has two free plans in that first plan is VMWARE which provides best solutions for large and medium-sized businesses. Where else it’s Hyper V plan is for small business or sites.


● Baehost provides free VPS hosting for windows.
● In basic plan, it provides 2 Cores with 2GB RAM, 200GB Disk Space, and 100 Mbps burst.
● In the hyper plan, it provides 1 core with 1 GB RAM, 50 GB Disk space.

#6. GratisVps

Gratis VPS is one of the simple free and effective cloud VPS hosting providers. If you are curious to try out the cloud web hosting for free then you have to check out this cool free VPS server hosting provider.

This gratis VPS gives you 6 months free trial for its premium plan so it’s best for you to explore how it works. If you like there hosting plan then you can continue or else you can skip using this plan with ease.


● Disk Space of 100 GB and monthly data transfer up to 3TB.
● It gives 2GB RAM with 2 core CPU and one free dedicated IP.
● Along with these, it provides 24/7 customer care support as well.

#7. Woomhost

Do you like to go with free unlimited VPS Cloud hosting options? Then have a look at woom hosting. it’s one of the best cloud hosting services you can get for free.

This provides 500mb disk space with unlimited bandwidth for the free cloud VPS hosting plans. If you want to try out the free VPS hosting for your site then you have to check out this woomhost.


● 2GB memory RAM with 2 Cores CPU.
● It also provides 10 Email Address and 3 MySQL Databases.
● Apart from these, you will get 500MB Disk Space with unlimited bandwidth.
● One-click installs and live chat support as well.

#8. X10hosting

X10hosting is a relatively new hosting provider then most of the web hosting services. So, most you might think before purchasing the hosting from it? if you are one of them then try its free Cloud hosting service.

You don’t have to pay anything for this service and you can get lots of benefits from the free and unlimited plan.

This free package is best for normal site owners and developers for experienced users its not the preferred option because it will not give root access.


● Flexible web hosting with unlimited storage.
● 512 MB RAM with Linux operating system.
● It provides unlimited bandwidth option with 1 IP Address.

#9. Zahid Server

Zahidserver is yet another free option to host your website. This site provides 1 GB Disk Space for you with 1 Domain hosting, Email, and webmail option.

It can hang up to 5 GB monthly traffic which means normal websites can easily use their service


● Email Sending SMTP ON with 1 Domain hosting.
● 1GB Disk Space and 100% no Ads.
● WordPress and Joomla installers as well

Ending Thoughts 

The VPS hosting is one of the best hosting types that you can use it for your business site. It has its own operating system with server resources.

Like shared hosting, you will not share the RAM and CPU with other users because the virtual server is available only for you.

In this superior hosting type, you will get better site security and root access of the server to allocate the resources in a better way.

Actually, the VPS server hosting service is somewhat expensive when compared shared hosting that you may look for the FREE VPS hosting service to use for your blog or business site.

The Free VPS services that I have listed are worth using in 2020, however, I would suggest you go with the reliable VPS providers like DreamHost, InMotion, GreenGeeks or A2Hosting for better results.

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