Wix vs WordPress: Which Is Best To Make Business Website?

So, you want to build a business website and stuck in between the two popular website builders Wix or WordPress, right?

I have been blogging for the past 10 years with both platforms and hence I could let you know about the pros and cons of Wix and WordPress. And finally, I’ll give my best suggestion to go for your business.

Usually, choosing the best between Wix and WordPress is a difficult task. It is because these two well-known website builders have different advantages.

Wix has improved its popularity in recent times because of its simple drag and drop features whereas WordPress has gained a huge reputation through its flexibility, massive community, and power of optimizing the websites.

If you are new to these both website builders and struggling to find out the best one, WordPress and Wix? Then this piece of content is for you!

I’m going to compare the primary factors of these two site building giants so that you will get a clear idea which one to use for creating your business site.

Let’s begin the war, Wix Vs WordPress!

Wix – Website Builder With Drag & Drop Feature

Wix actually needed no introduction because most of you might know about the Wix or at least seen the TV or YouTube commercials of Wix. The Wix is a simple all in one website builder which is seamlessly easy than the advanced WordPress.

This website builder comes with top features such as drag and drop functionality, easy integration of plugins, and more. This website builder has topped the list of best overall website builders because it can be used by even non-techie.

Wix has awarded as best website builder software in 2018 by the finance reviews site. As a business owner, you can use Wix website builder tools to build a beautiful and professional website in just a few hours without coding experience.

This special website builder is also having a range of specially designed templates which you can use with your own content. Its drag and drop editor is the best feature and loved by lots of non-techies. This Wix also has design assistance, here Wix will build your website based on your answers for a few questions.

Best Features of Wix

● Customizable designs with a free and reliable hosting platform

● Intuitive website builder with hundreds of website design templates.

● Specially Optimized Mobile View

● Drag and Drop and Image editor

● Page Protection and HTML Embed Codes

● One URL for website and mobile site.

● Automatic blog styling and social media icons.

● Multiple payment methods, live chat, contact manager, marketing, and communication tools.

Now, let’s check out the features of WordPress.

WordPress – Excellent Site Creator With Gutenberg Editor

WordPress is the best and popular self-hosted and open source content management system that is loved by millions of people. It’s far more powerful than Wix and has great customization options but it requires a bit of technical knowledge to work on WordPress.

WordPress is currently powering more than 26.4% of the web, although it might sound astonishing, it’s true. According to the w3techs and wordpress.com, it is empowering more than 26.4% of website on the internet.

The main success between this huge stat and popularity is its unparalleled versatility which allows WordPress to be used everywhere from small blogs to fortune 500s sites like Forbes, Sony Music, and more.

Even though you have to pay for small things like hosting and domain name separately but its flexibility for coding makes it more special.

Features of WordPress

● Responsive themes available

● Social Sharing Features

● Multiple page styles

● Auto upgrade and support

● Plenty of widgets

● Theme Customization

● SEO friendly

● Retina-Display Ready platform

● Standards compliant coding

● Gutenberg advanced editor to create engaging content

Until now, we had a look at the exceptional features of Wix and WordPress. Now, let’s see their comparison so that you can choose the best website builder for creating your business site.

Wix Vs WordPress, Which Is Excellent In Creating A Website?

wix vs wordpress

#1. SEO

Which web builder is the best for SEO – It is a million-dollar question!

Both Wix and WordPress website builder has in-built SEO features to rank high on Google. Mobile optimization, instant Google instant, Structured Google data, XML site map, robots.txt file, default meta tags, noindex tags and 301 redirects are some of the SEO features available in both the CMSs.

However, instead of going with the Free version, get the paid plan of Wix to get better linking structure and faster page load speeds. There is no such worry with self-hosted WordPress sites, and yes, you can rock on the SERPs

Winner – Both

#2. Pricing

When it comes to the price, Wix offers a basic website builder for free. However, there are major drawbacks to them. First, it adds a Wix branded advertisement on the top of the website and the second one is one cannot use the custom domain name for your site. So, users have to use: Username.wix.com/sitename.

Along with these basic plans doesn’t offer Google analytics, favicons, e-commerce add-ons, etc. So, premium plans are best for Wix it costs around $12.50/ month. So, it’s way too much costly then WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source software that is available for free for everyone. Here to use WordPress you should have a domain name and web hosting install on it. You can get the free WordPress hosting or cheap web hosting at a price of $2.95 per month.

Winner – WordPress

#3. Ease To Use

Most business owners love to hire a web designer to design their sites, whereas beginner love to choose Wix or WordPress because they don’t want to hire a website designer. Here both WordPress and Wix are easy to use and allows to create a website without learning the code.

But when you compare both Wix will come first for beginner’s mindset because it is seamlessly easy. The drag and drop feature on-site can help you rearrange any page or include any content in between.

Where else WordPress does have a visual content editor – Gutenberg to write your content in an engaging way. Moreover, you can easily install and set up third-party extensions to increase its functionality.

Besides, some hosting plans are optimized for WordPress, which streamlines ease and functionality even further.

Winner – Both

#4. Design & Layout

When it comes to design and layout you can find hell lot of designs and themes on WordPress as it is an open-source platform. However, Wix comes with more than 500+ pre-designed templates to choose from.

But in WordPress, you can find out thousands of free and paid themes readily available to use. WordPress will come on top in this section because WordPress has a much large range of themes and design layouts.

Although beginners might feel something hard, you really don’t need to worry you can take the help of designers to make it look attractive or even find out guides online. Moreover, the advanced Gutenberg editor has many more customization options to get a personalized feel for your business site.

Winner – WordPress

#5. Plugins & Apps

While designing a website we always do love to use plugins and apps to extend the functionalities of the CMS. So, when we check out plugins and app availability, you’ll find more third-party extensions in WordPress as it’s an open-source ecosystem.

But, Wix has only 200+ apps in its App Market under a few categories and it should get more to offer the solution for almost everything.

Presently there are more than 60000+ free plugins available in the wordpress.org site itself for everything. Besides, there are several premium add-ons available to make it more functional. So, it’s clear that WordPress has won the war when it comes to third-party plugins.

Winner – WordPress

WordPress Or Wix, Who Is The Winner?

Most of the users often look for an easier platform to start their blogging or digital profession. So, when you select the Wix it allows you to add a blog section to your website and can do your basic blogging activities with it.

However, the Wix doesn’t support the native commenting system as you find in WordPress. Instead of that, it uses Facebook comments and that too there are not that portable.

Along with that, it has lots of drawbacks when compared with WordPress. In general, blogging has been easier with WordPress because it powers nearly 33% of all websites on the net.

This WordPress has all the advanced options you would love to use. So, we can clearly say that WordPress outshines Wix in most of the departments. And that too, if you are a serious and big business, then WordPress is the ideal way to go.

When it comes to SEO WordPress is the best platform as you can optimize your site for the search engines whereas in Wix you can’t do that much better when compared to WordPress.


Even after giving a tough fight with drag and drop functionalities and more Wix can come closer to WordPress. In simple words, you can choose the Wix website builder for small business websites like Hotel, Photography, Travel.

However, if you are looking for a sophisticated solution for your long-term business site that will scale over the years, then your choice should be WordPress.

If you closely look at the in-depth comparison of Wix Vs WordPress, then you can come to the conclusion, WordPress is an ideal choice to make the fully functional website from scratch.

I’m saying this mainly because WordPress is ultimate when it comes to blogging and SEO. Business owners often love this special content management tool to do build their website.

So, you can stick to WordPress. If you want to try out Wix then you can do that to check the results. What is your thought about Wix vs WordPress? Leave it in the comment section!

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