Top 9 WordPress Audio Player Plugins

WordPress needs no introduction; it is a complete package that has the best of everything. As we all know, WordPress is an open source, and you can do all the needful tweaks in WordPress.

If you enjoy music and want to launch a fabulous online music blog, then WordPress can help you with that as well.

It has all the tools to get started for a music blog, but there is some limitation that is where the plugins come to rescues.

Here is the list of best WordPress Audio Player Plugins which can help you to create the best music blog and you can easily include the music-related content on your website.

With the help of these fabulous WordPress plugins, you can include all types of music formats that include WAV, MP3, MP4, WMA and a lot more.

Best Audio Player Plugins For WordPress


1. Blubrry PowerPress

If you are planning to launch a podcast website, then Blubrry PowerPress is the ideal choice. It is loaded with an exciting feature, and it is considered as the best podcast plugin. With the help of Blubrry PowerPress, you can insert an audio file and can also host your podcast.

This brilliant Blubrry PowerPress is available free of cost; the best part is it is super easy to use. The Blubrry PowerPress supports other media files and is SEO compatible. You also get options like subscribe and host a podcast as per your convenience.

It is one of the excellent WordPress free audio player plugins with which you can also create various episodes and then submit at Google Play store and even iTunesClick on the download link and start recording your first episode.

2. Smart Podcast Player

The name says it all; it is indeed a smart podcast player which is specially designed for podcasts. This Smart Podcast Player is a WordPress audio player plugin which is the ideal choice if you are searching for a premium player.

This WordPress music player plugin can easily play audio files from the media library. Moreover, it supports various audio file formats. You can allow similar functionality for an entire episode and play it as a single track. The Smart Podcast Player can be used to play music content in the blog and also for the podcasts.

You can get the email addresses of your visitors and then target them in the future. Smart Podcast Player is available for $8 for a month. If you are searching for a premium player with exciting features, Smart Podcast Player is an affordable choice.

3. CP Media Player

The CP Media Player is a fabulous plugin which can be easily installed on any WordPress website which wants to display audio content on their site. CP Media Player is capable of publishing both video and audio player on the website.

It is a powerful WordPress MP3 Player plugin that works seamlessly on all the web browser which follows HTML5. The CP Media Player plugin has amazing features in its kitty; the plugin offers support to all types of audio and video files that include MP4, MP3, WAV, FLV, WebSRT, OGG, etc.

Moreover, CP Media Player is also providing customization to the media player. You can get plenty of special features in the premium version of CP Media Player. 

4. WavePlayer

The WavePlayer is a wonderful plugin which supports all popular audio file format. With the help of WavePlayer, you can create tracks and can even integrate it from other hostings like SoundCloud.

WavePlayer is considered as one of the best and high performing modern player which is majorly used for podcasting.

The folks can also download your audio file and select the loading style as well. The plugin displays the colorful waveform of audio; this is a cool way to display track progression.

WavePlayer has plenty of key features like HTML5 support, amazing responsive design, the interaction of WooCommerce. Moreover, with WavePlayer you can create a playlist before making it live.

In short, WavePlayer is a fast, offline, responsive and brilliantly designed audio plugin for WordPress. It doesn’t slow down the speed of the website; It is availed or $26 only. 

5. Disk Audio

The Disk Audio is another brilliantly designed WordPress audio player plugin that has a responsive design and amazing features. This audio player is compatible with smartphones; you can enjoy all the features without any hassle.

Moreover, with Disk Audio there are multiple customization features like changing the background images, opacity, skins, color schemes and a lot more.

With the help of Disk Audio, you can showcase the music content and music playlist along with customizable scrollbar. This plugin also allows you to embed download links into the music player; you can showcase users where they can own the current track which is playing on your website.

Moreover, the Disk Audio plugin also allows you to control the options via keyword. In addition to it, you can turn on an autopay feature to surprise your visitors with the best soundtrack. Buy it now for just $17.

6. MP3 Music Player By Sonaar

The MP3 music player from Sonnar looks pretty on the website; you can notice the beautiful wave formation while you enjoy the music. The color palettes also change, with MP3 Music Player by Sonaar you have a choice to display a playlist or can showcase a single track as well.

This WordPress MP3 Music Player plugin works like a charm for both musicians who have audio content for their blog and the podcasters.

The best part of MP3 Music Player by Sonaar is, you can instantly elevate the engagement rate of your website by asking the visitors to post audio commentary to their special someone.

The waveform looks pleasing and aesthetic, overall with MP3 Music Player by Sonaar, your visitors are going to have an awesome experience. Download MP3 Music Player By Sonaar and show stunning visuals and play awesome audio for all your visitors.

7. Sticky Audio Player

Sticky Audio Player is a WordPress audio plugin which is available for just $27. It is super fast and easy to use; you can play a media file of almost all the format via Sticky Audio Player. You can pull your media from Soundcloud, difference podcast hosts, media servers, etc.

Another brilliant feature of Sticky Audio Player is, you can play across different pages, the visitors can seamlessly navigate through the website content.

You can give them the option of using a pop-up window, even if they leave your site they still can enjoy and listen to the awesome audio content. This plugin ensures your visitors are well engaged with your audio content. 

8. ZoomSounds

The WordPress audio plugin ZoomSounds is the best choice if you are searching for a brilliant replacement for the default WordPress audio player.

It is one of the exceptional WordPress plugins for audio player that looks and works similar to the SoundCloud player; the overall WordPress is sleek and high performing. The ZoomSounds is mobile friendly and supports all type of desktop as well as mobile models.

With ZoomSounds you can customize the content and even make the content more appealing by using the CSS elements. You can create customized CSS skin. It is available for $20.

Be it the responsive design or customizable skin, ZoomSounds has got all. It works well as a WordPress audio plugin. 

9. Simple Music Widget

The name says it all. The Simple Music Widget is simple but looks impressive on the WordPress website. The Simple Music Widget helps to create a music player widget; you can play audio files on your pages.

The widget can be placed in any area of your site. Moreover, this plugin can display the name of the audio file, cover name, artist name and a small description of the song that is about to be played.

Simple Music Widget comes with excellent features like a highly responsive widget that works for both mobiles as well as desktop users. It also has an inbuilt option to upload the audio cover image and files. You can also upload an external cover image if you wish to grab the audience.

Wrapping Up

If you want to give life to your music blog, then these are the best WordPress audio plugins that can come handy to expand the functionalities!

Based on your requirement and budget you can opt for premium as well as free WordPress audio player plugin. Choose the best for your website based on the exciting features and functionalities.

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  • Todd Cochrane June 12, 2019, 2:05 am

    Blubrry also provides podcast hosting services and IAB Certifed Podcast Statistics. The best part of the PowerPress plugin is you start your podcast on your site and keep it on your site by being able to upload and publish in your WP dashboard. Plans start at $12 with 7-day email support and the only company that provides 5-day phone support.

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